First post! What’s up with me?
Posted on 13th November 2016, 973 Views

My head is a mess, I know, but I finally found a chance to get into writing this first post on my website!


There will be my home base where I’ll write anything related to me, which I don’t think it can be written to any social media. So, there we go…


In the 2016, many things happened to me, which sometimes discombobulated my thoughts (and brought me many joyful moments at the same time), but I’m slowly getting the bricks tidied up, getting a good vision of myself as an artist, and what I like to achieve in my life… Contributing in bringing joy to the world with music.


And finally, after getting my website ready (months ago), I’m FINALLY (I’m repeating it again, yeah) writing something down. And by doing it, I feel like I’m getting something out of my mind, and suddenly, I feel much more motivated in doing what I like to do mostly! I gotta write way much often.


The website it’s still a little bit incomplete, but that’s actually something like my fault. Because, as said before, scheduling up things can be an HELL of a challenge. That’s one of the important things I gotta learn to do. SCHEDULING UP.


That’s something I always said to myself… Make music, close any social medias, avoid distractions… But believe me, isn’t as easy as saying it. It’s a complex thing. Someday, you don’t feel satisfied with your music, and you actually SEEK distractions yourself. But by doing that, you risk messing up your scheduling, and you try to fix that with multitasking.


But… I’m realizing now, that multitasking can be something way worse than being inactive. How? I want to think it like in numbers. You have to split your brain to different parts, let’s say, 33%. To work to 3 different things at once. You will just end up with 3 mediocre things, which makes you feel like you just wasted your time, without bringing anything of plausible to the world. Without even considering the stress that adds up to your mind, postponing things (like writing this post and caring about your website) always tomorrow, the next week etc… Making you feel actually pretty much miserable.


So, I want to change this approach, I try to do as less multitasking as possible, and look: in a week, I finished to work to 2 different tracks I actually feel PROUD of. And, the more I’ll take this approach, the more music I can make then, making me feel alive, without taking away activities such as checking out social media or studying languages like Japanese (yeah, I probably didn’t tell you that I’m studying this beautiful language, because I love my Japanese friends there).


Also body activity will be important. So, in the next weeks I’ll schedule going to the swimming pool 2 days per week. How did I figure out that I like body activity? My travels around the world made me figure it out. I loved walking around the streets of Helsinki and Tokyo this year, I liked to hang out with friends there, and walking in order to take the commutes bringing me to various places of the world. And I want to keep that adrenaline going on. It helps also getting my music active and having a brisk groove on it.

Well, enough of personal chatter, for now… I want to use this space to greet some friends that helped me out this year, in no particular order:


Illusionz – for the help that has given me making this website! He’s also an awesome Hardstyle and electronic music producer, nonetheless his very young age! Check him out!


Hardcore Underground (Fracus & Darwin, CDJay, Chwhynny) – for still believing in me after some years. and giving me a great opportunity this year to perform a B2B set with 2 of my most influential artists, at London, in UK!


DJ CHUCKY (GUHROOVY) – for believing in me too, giving me a chance to contribute to the Japanese Hardcore scene and having a few tour dates in Tokyo! I had one of the best times of my life there!


Crash & D-Shark (Full Throttle Finland) – for being nice folks and helping me out having a great time at Helsinki, in Finland, and giving me a chance to feature on their first compilation album, “Northern Lights”. Check it out, because it features some nice music from worldwide artists like 3R2, Malmen, Kankitsu, Aethral…


To my “Heptagon Collective” crew, consisting of Olly P, Triplestar, Ranzor, Vau Boy, Aethral and XIO alongside me. They’re amazing bros, and I’ll be planning some nice projects with them!


To anybody who I forgot to mention there. You know who you are! There will be always a space for you!

I went a lil bit long with this post, so I hope I didn’t made any wrong impression to you. Remember that, despise I look like a super-busy person, I’ll be always up to message with nice people, so, be sure to follow and write to me on my social media links, or just send me an email if you prefer using Windows 95 🙂



That’s all for now! See you on the next post! 🙂

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My head is a mess, I know, but I finally found a chance to get into writing this first post on my website!   There will be my home base where I'll write anything related to me, which I don't think it can be written t...